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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 4, 2013 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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tomorrow. >> at 11:00. >> great to have you here today. keep it on fox. shannon bream is next. on alert. nearly two dozen embassies and consulates closed today because of a threat. they're sounding more confident than it has since 9/11. the breaking details are coming up. boardwalk nightmare. a car rams through a pod lar boardwalk killing at least one person and the nightmare was caught on tape. >> the head of the irs mess says, no thanks. they explain why a controversial law needs to be removed, he says, from irs control. all that and more information about alex
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rodriguez's fight to stay in the game. i'm shannon bream. live from "america news hq" starts now. information about what's behind the massive closures is slowly trickling in, but so are new details about the timing and how the administration is handling the threat. steve centanni has more. >> the president is getting regular updates and today lawmakers spoke out about the danger. >> there's been an awful lot of chatter, chatter about the planning that's going on, very reminiscent of what we saw
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around 9/11. >> as a result 20 embassies and consulates were closed throughout the middle east and north after ka. it's called them to step up their activities in the wake of killings of top terrorists. there were prison breaks including one in aleppo, syria, this weekend that have freed al qaeda operatives over the last month. lawmakers who are being briefed say we know less about the location of the possible attack than the timing. listen. >> the assumption that it's probably most likely to happen in the middle east at or about one of the embassies, but there's no evidence of that at all. it could be in europe or the united states. >> they were specific in terms of a sunday. obviously it may continue. the travel warnings more extensive. but this is not the usual kind
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of chatter, not the more gentlized death to americans or great satan. >> others say it's limited to a few specific locations. shannon? >> thank you very much. some lawmakers are calling this the most serious incredible threat since 9/11. joining us to talk about that, republican congress mman jason. what does it suggest to you? obviously we're coming up on the anniversary of 9/11 again. >> yeah. thing the white house and the intelligent committees are doing the right thing by making this information public. shutting down the embassies is absolutely the right thing to do. i'm glad they're showing the depth of the sear seriousness.
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we have to be cautious about th that. >> there are cautions about it. i want to play back what one of your colleagues lindsey graham said about that, maybe what these groups feel about us. >> after benghazi, they're on steroids. they attacked our consulate, they kled our ambassadors in years past. after this, they're on steroids thinking we're weak everything and they're stronger. >> you said since benghazi, they have plenty of encouragement. they're on steroids. essentially no one has been held liable for what happened there even though they're able to talk with key suspects who say they haven't been contacted by the fbi yet. >> remember our benghazi facility was attacked not once
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but i prior. three times they have been attacked. we never captured or killed anybody responsible for the attacks. after the first attack, they captured somebody and let him go. then they attacked again and it was a more serious one. they're still on the ryu. in benghazi they had a pruzen break where more than a thousand people who were in detention were released or escaped in a prison break. you've got to take this very seriously and understand that they hate america, want death to america. >> as we get more information about what lead to it, the aftermath of it as well. there are new reports out there, many of these, that there are cia employees who have been asked to sign nondisclosure to not talk about what happened there, many of them undergoing a very regular polygraph tests, some on a monthly basis and the
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fact that there were so many. they're under a great deal of pressure not to share one bit of information about what was happening there. what are your questions? >> well, look. we know that we had two dozen people on the night of the attack. the united states congress, specifically the oversight committee, wants to hear from those people. now, there's some dispute, did they have the polygraph. they made those people immediately available to the oversight committee, allow us to go through those trance skrieped video have so that we can help solve this. we have hundreds of even bacies. thousands serving overseas. we've got to make sure we have the fortification, we solve this problem so it never, ever happens again. >> really quickly, i want to ask about the fbi letter you signed onto.
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about getting some answers on where they are with this benghazi investigation. >> we're almost 11 months since our four people have been killed. we want the fbi to take this seriously. we don't seem to have the same type of your jen see as they had in boston. capture, kill them, and pull these people away, congressman. thanch you very much. >> thanks, shannon. >> the man believed to be responsible for a dead lely day is in custody. police are trying to figure out why. dominic di-natale is live with the latest. hello, dominic. >> reporter: yes.
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we understand one is extremely ill, critically injured. another is as well. the driver burst onto this avenue heading skou scold. some stafr he looks as nos as possible. the. >> one woman describe as witness strapped on the hood of the car. people were trying to run away. police today have arrested a suspect. he's being posted a million-dollar bail. he's being charged with murder but more charges are expect to come. take a listen. >> further charges will come when they consult with the district attorney's office and
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also the filing of the market. >> >>. >> that may come out cop vently. once he got on the boardwalking, he ak sill rated at son speed, ha to e 60 miles an hour. he abandoned his vehicle in santa monica and turn himself in this. police say they're charging him with murder. absolutely an zoord scene. second one we've seen on a lance hunt within a week. a violent summer here. more details from the beach. back to you. >> we'll come back to you when you get those. thanks so much. some questions about nsa leaker edward snowden's access
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were fwranltd when russia added temporary asylum. but the controversy is fard from over. members of cob are being denied bagsices. >> if it wasn't for them, most member of of could wouldn't have a way of dealership with it. >> even know designet the nsa leer at a wasser bouegher sfwloo could would not know about it. there's allegations that this was given to congress. they passed the acts. but members of coming were not ray awarl. >> this complaint from congressman amash comes the same day as a report from guardians,
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ken death grayson and about their second experiences being shot down by the hot intel committee after asking information about the nsa and vie a courts. he says the nsa chief has attended 38 since the snow done league. there are checked an balances. >> the first that moist cleared a braupd check? that's the u.s. irs.
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>> we'll see how that plays out. peter, thank you. house republicans are vote for a. they're more likely to gain traction in a senate controlled spectrum. republicans say they'll go after the law in other ways. justin week said in a hirele he would rather kidnap his coverage ops. senators, thank you for your time today. >> shannon, good to be you. >> all right. now the ihr has moved to the side. is it a worthy process or worth the time. >> no. the implementation of the obama
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care act is so firm. i work with people who want to own businesses and find a job and the implementation is croating an the president announced in a weekend announcement that too employer man dade wot no a e ploemet in a kwee. also to do not on that. if employers don't have to comply before a yeerp chl why do vim familiar is have to. ply it? >> another conversation there. there's the idea that government funding is running out and there will have to be some type of
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measurement the effort to defund obama care should be linked to efforts to defund the program. yes or not? >> i have offered two amendments to make sure that it is eels from the side. it has to ee kur rmt in, many my throughout -- the effects of obama kaf is so damaging. i think american people are with us on the view. cob sense clunes are rerequired. whether or not the government is try togs shut down the government. the mall is different. i know they're delighted the
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shift do it. we need to stay focused on the implementation of obama care and the american people will joefrp us to put prash on the administration. something else. my understanding is you vote ooh gentz ai sneem piecemeal efforts aimed at poorders. do you think that's an approach. what do you think of the idea to allow them a path even though they're here illegally. >> it doesn't work human tan reasons and others. i paid a lot of attention that
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they voted if. i voted no. this may be related to the health care we just talked about. congress does multijob in pages of legislation and the immigration legislation became the sang thing in my view with what we saw personal care act. dodd frank. people voted once three teimes ago. they should aboyd it. there will be so many unintensitiet con senn dpigdpig. i wrote it. it will put the 11 mill kwlon
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employet back to work. i'm very pleased if we take a step by step more defined underable approach to immigration reform, iing, shg tt should have been done. >> senator jerry moran. thank you for your time today. >> good to be with you. now it's your turn at home. should lawmakers tie groft funding withests or do we take them separate. >> we want to share your reactions. go to i don't know about life. >> hi's toe not playing ever
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branch has been hotly debated. in just the last 90 days more than 6,000 newly proposed federal regulations have been posted at the government site, friday the house required both chambers to sign off of costly regulations, along party lines. republicans in favor of it
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saying it will serve as a check. but democrats saying it would restrength even the most necessary regulations. well, washington needs fixing and it needs fixing now. it's called stop government abuse week. mike emanuel has more. >> this is called stop government abuse week. majority leader eric cantor said, quote, over the past week the government has continued failed the people who it serves. washington needs fixing and it needs fixing now. >> intrusive regulations continue to hurt job growth and marriage your checks smaller. >> they issue about 4,000 regulations every year and it
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would be hard to convince the regular person that it's necessary. democrats are resistant to regulatory reform. >> in this divided government, you have this. >> they need more regulations, not less. that's just not an environment that sends a mention to the prior sector. >> can we stop talking about violations killing jobs, please. >> gina mccarthy said poll sicks will not be changed over the nft weekt but will be changed over three years. >> we need to cut carbon pollution to grow jonsd we need it to straejts enit positively.
9:25 am
let's approach this as an opportunity of a lifetime. >> business groups say they regularly hear if there entrepreneurs about regulation. they argue regular la the other reform is the key to taking jobs and growing the economy. >> questions are surfacing whether the u.s. in closing down nearly two dozen diplomatic out posts is what they always wanted us. we'll ask a state department official what he thinks after the break. and the powerball jack potts is on the rise. you i've gotten to buy a ticket though. we'll tell you, next. ♪ hey linda!
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top officials continue to gather at the white house to discuss the ongoing terror
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attack. susan rice is reportedly leading the meetings. it's the bottom of the hour. peter is standing by with your top stories. peter. >> that's right. state, defense, and homeland security were at the meeting yesterday along with the directors of the fbi, nsa, and cia. 22 confli 2 have been closed. a president has been sworn in and already he's making statements about the u.s. he claims u.s. is looking for an excuse to confront countries not considered as friends. the remarks came during a meeting in tehran with north korean officials ahead of his nomination. hasan rowhani has promised to be more open. researchers in oregon are looking for a snowboarder buried. a large portion of the ice
9:31 am
tunnel collapsed. and the power ball jackpot expected to reach an estimated $400 million. no winner amerged from last night's drawing. your next big chance to win is wednesday night and those are the top stories right now, shannon. back to you. >> do you think we should go in on something? we share an office. >> what better way to go green than ride a pony to work. >> i like that idea. i thought that you were talking about the green that we're going to collect. yes, ponies for work. if you can buy a unicorn. >> probably for $100 million. >> i'll buy some after work. the chatter that exceeded everything we've seen in the last ten years but without confirmation of where, when, how, was close 2g 2 embassies
9:32 am
and consulates the right call. thank you so much for joining us today. >> shannon, great to be here. >> how much do you think this decision to close the different diplomatic outposts is directly relay through lessons that we learned through benghazi? >> the administration is on a hair trigger. benghazi did not go well for them. they said someone for goat to circle the date so they could better prepare when the anniversary of 9/11 came along. this time they're trying to be extra careful and close the embassies all the way to kabul. they're saying this is the biggest, most credible and
9:33 am
coalesce things. they do have security most of the time. >> that's right. all of our embassies -- not all but most have been turned into fortresses, first after 1998 when we were hit by them. they take care of things like embassies. it has rizing inin inin ining it has risen to over 1.8 million. >> there are a lot of groups out there that don't like the u.s. i mean this may be the culminati culmination, which is what they wanted. essentially we are in some ways shuttering what we do, at least temporary literature there. is it significant to you that it's linked to al qaeda?
9:34 am
we understand it had been decimated at least by the administration's public comments. >> that's right. it's simplified by the vice president is detroit was alive and bin laden was dead. they went on to say it was on the heels. this seems to call it into questions. it's not just groups that hit us in benghazi that this administration hasn't really focused on but al qaeda was the one they were focused on. also the progressive line that all we have to do is pull out of iraq, dwachb stan, roll over, play nice doggy and these people won't be as violent against us isn't true. basically we've shifted from offense to defense and this is what happens. >> quickly, what's the significance for you that this includes afghanistan? >> i think it shows central asia continues to be a real hot spot and even though they want the
9:35 am
afghan war to be over, we still have to have the ability to act in central asia as long as asia and militants are there. >> thank you so much for your insight. good luck with the book. >> thanks, shannon. peace negotiations continue. hopes are high but the path will not be easy. the defense minister joining us live with his thoughts next. and happy birthday to the u.s. coast guard. it is celebrating its 223rd birthday today. thank you for your service. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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promising to be more open and honest. some world leaders are calling his bluff. iran still has the same nuclear
9:40 am
ambitions. >> i would like to believe that the community would realize that to deal with rowhani is to deal with ahmadinejad. they are the same. >> reporter: . >> israel has long voiced it. there is a long way to go, the two sides have committed to trying to reach a peace agreement over the next five months. to talk about that further is israel's deputy defense minister and author of "israel:the will to prevail." thank you for being here. >> thank you. my pleasure to be on your show. >> we know another meeting is very soon on the calendar. with a nine-month sort of goal or deadline for reaching some kind of peace agreement, what are your hope this time around? >> well, we always want to see peace, but i am definitely not optimistic because i look at who
9:41 am
ease running it. nobody speaks about that. they say i want to negotiate. that will happen in the next few months. personally, when i see who's running the negotiations for this side, i came out this morning and said i'm not optimistic. >> there are a lot of questions about the decision to agree. they're accused murderers and bombers and all kinds of people in this group. the prime minister said in a public letter it was a very difficulty for them. a lot of people had questions about why that was the place to start. >> we no not apply the death penalty either. but they killed hundreds of
9:42 am
jewish people. civilians. we're supporting the terrorist activists by doing so. you ask us if you want to really achieve peace why they're wishing to release thome. i think those people should be in jail and die in jail. >> it's clear by statements that he's made he's no fan of israel. what is your take on his leadership? >> it doesn't matter who's in charge. they're the ones making the call. they're very direct. they're continue to build u.s. reactors. i think every day that passes we
9:43 am
know what ee happens in iran. that's why i think we should ignore that and what's happening in the reactors today. >> action is always the most important one. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> a fiery deadly crash on a texas highway. with ee going to show you what happened. coming up rmgs advice from one expert how mitt romney and women can protect their credit scores. how mu protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learmore at
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time to look at stories making headlines. a driver was killed when his truck ran off the roadway and burst into flames. no one else was hurt in the accident. officials charged with legalizing marriages, the county clerk, the most prominent figure to come out against gay marriage in california says he's not changed his views but he's
9:48 am
letting a group known as protect marriage has taken the lead. and close to four tons worth of supplies are on its way to the international space station. water, spare parts and a special passenger. it's a tiny robot that will help crews conduct work. it will be atasing to the earth-facing side of the nation. when not deployed overseas they've been busy training in the field. that puts heavy demaines on our tripes trying to deploy it. information with helping our men and women protect and if necessary prepare our credit cores.
9:49 am
thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> i understand there are steps they can take to make sure they're in good shape. >> getting all your finances in order. there are actions in place too protect you. if you're on a lease, you can call your landlord and canncel your lease. >> i also understand there's somethi something. >> what is that? >> it's similar to a fraud alert. it notifies anyone who pulls your record, they see you're on tissue credit. to make sure you're trying to
9:50 am
get it. >> how you get scored, what kinds of things you can qualify for. i imagine many of them traveling i imagine many of them traveling make sure it's accurate. >> well, that would be correct. >> for them, is there a way to keep on things? can they sign up for alerts? what's the best strategy? >> there's many services to sign up. free service is getting your free credit report from stagger those every four months to pull, for example, transunion today, four months from now an equifax, four months from then an experian, for free they can keep a good eye on their credit. >> how important is a credit score? i think of our folks when they leave the service, become veterans then, trying to come back to civilian life.
9:51 am
how important is the credit score? >> credit score is important in any type of finance related -- applying for mortgages, credit cards, car loans. as far as getting a job, they don't look at credit scores. they look at your credit report. again, it's very important that your credit report is, you know, complete and accurate. >> all right. especially when these folks have been -- whether they're here at home, deployed around the world, we want to make sure they have all the best opportunity to move ahead and keep things accurate. chris, thank you so much for your advice. >> thank you. >> what if i asked you what the happiest years of your life were? what would you say? a new study by the london school of economics says 23 years old and 69 years old. if you're wondering you how they figured it out, they compared happiness levels for more than 23 germans between the ages of 17 and 85. if you want to track your own happiness, as you'd imagine, there's an app for that. it's by harvard university. inmates in one state are
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>> it appears 10,000 california inmates will be released early by the end. this year. the supreme court's refusing to let california delay a federal oorder to release what will be about 8% of the state's overcrowded prison population.
9:56 am
a special three-judge panel concluded that the state's prisons are so overcrowd, they're not giving inmates adequate medical or mental health care. governor jerry brown says the move is going to be unsafe. those aren't the only prisoners getting a reprieve in california. some there in southern california are getting a get out of jail free card, but with a catch. here's more. >> the program's nickname, spit and acquit, hand over your dna in orange county, california, and the prosecutor may drop charges for low-level crimes like petty theft or public drunkenness. >> i think we're the first to do it the way we're doing it. >> orange county has 90,000 dna samples on file. the da says the database helps solve cold cases and will help solve crimes in the future. experts say the number of local law enforcement agencies getting into the dna business has spiked. >> through the use of dna, there's been cases out there that show you can get more arrests, more convictions. >> in fact, some of those who
9:57 am
have given their dna, being cleared of a petty crime, find themselves arrested for a more serious crime still on the books. >> we've solved other carjackings, burglaries, quite a few o'reilly cases that would have been unsolved had we not had that. >> for years state and federal authorities have collected large databases to solve crimes. the difference is those dna programs heavily regulated. the newer, local dna programs have fewer regulations. >> they've been referred to as rogue databases, because there's no real law governing them. they do what they want. >> in orange county, the da says every dna exchange is voluntary and insists it doesn't invade anyone's privacy. >> they can't be used for anything other than identification. anything other than like a fingerprint. no doubt in my mind it's keeping people safer. >> the da told the spit and acquit program keeps his community safe by acting as a
9:58 am
deterrent for future crimes. it costs the defendant $75, paying for the bulk of the program. in los angeles, will carr, fox news. >> we're getting brand-new information at this hour about the sweeping terror threat that's faced more than 20 u.s. embassies and consulates in the middle east and beyond to close their doors down. information is slowly trickling in. so are details about the timing, how the administration is handling the threat. sources tell fox that intelligence that the u.s. has picked up over the past couple weeks exceeds anything witnessed in the last decade. i'm shannon bream. here's the latest on the terrorist threat. steve? >> it's a serious and credible threat, and action needs to be taken. that's the ae.z the assessment y
9:59 am
here in washington. >> we've received information that high-level people from al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, are talking about a major attack, and these are people in the high level. now, whatever that intelligence is, we act upon it, because our first priority, again, is to protect the americans that are in other parts of the world. >> democrats and republicans alike say the closing of the embassies is a prudent step to take. they say the kind of terrorist chatter we're hearing now about a possible attack is very similar to what we heard before 9/11. now, the warning comes as al-qaeda leaders are urging followers to take revenge for a killing of terrorists, following a series of recent pri involving hundreds of al-qaeda operatives, and some say it points to a growing terrorism. >> al-qaeda is many ways stronger than it was before 9/11, because it's mutated and spread, coming at us from different directions, and al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula is probably the most
10:00 am
deadly. >> 22 embassies and consulates are closed today, and a worldwide travel alert has been issued for americans abroad. >> i think they're taking the right approach to this. benghazi was a complete failure. the threats were real there, the reporting was real. they basically dropped the ball. we learned from benghazi, thank god, and the administration is doing this right. >> lawmakers don't know the method or location of any attack, but it could be linked to the muslim holiday of ramadan. >> why are our embassies such a target? joining is a former u.s. ambassador to romania and member of the american council of ambassadors, serving as a state senator in maryland. you're a busy man. thank you for taking time for us today. >> happy to. >> let me ask you, first of all, there's a worldwide terror alert when it comes to travel, but there's specific embassies and
10:01 am
consulates. why are they closed down? >> they're american proposes, american flags in foreign country, so a symbolic target for enemies of america. >> there are a lot of questions about, you know, these groups don't want us there, many of them don't want a u.s. presence there. so this closure appears to be temporary for now in response to a specific threat, but is it sort of a moral victory for them, in some way, they're shutting down the u.s. presence temporarily? >> that's what terrorism is about. they don't have the military means to take over our country or invade the united states, be an existential threat to the united states, but they have the ability to sew fear. sometimes they do it through actual bombing and killing people, sometimes through what they say on the internet. it's part of a pattern we've seen for a long time. >> as an ambassador, formerly to romania, you know what it's like to be at one of these diplomatic outposts. what is the protocol when you
10:02 am
know there's a threat coming up? i would imagine on a day-to-day basis you have beefed-up security, because you are a target. what happens when you hear a threat that's credible, we have to shut down? >> when i was ambassador, we didn't have to shut down the embassy. this was pre9-1-1. there was discussion somebody might do something in romania. we had beefed-up security. i did not have guards going around with me. for a month i did because of this sort of thing. nothing happened. it's like in your neighborhood, if you hear there's burglaries in your neighborhood, you double-check your windows and doors, maybe you don't go out running that night. it's common sense. >> what happens to our personnel in all of these locations at this point? >> well, as i understand it, they're staying in country. when things get very dangerous, we evacuate people. i don't think anyone is being evacuated at this point. we're saying, don't come to the embassy. one of the things to keep in mind is, our courageous diplomats obviously are in danger when people are
10:03 am
threatening our embassies, but so are the people who come to our embassies, people from the host country, applying for a visa, americans who are there, lost their passport, their spouse died, they're trying to have the body come back to the united states for a funeral. embassies are like bank branches, they need to be secure, so many people could be in danger beyond american diplomats. >> based on your service, your knowledge how far these things operate, it sounds like a big step for the state department to issue these warnings, to have these facilities closed. >> i think it is. i think there's a view, correctly, better be safe than sorry. you know, you don't want to get your visa and lose your life. they're erring on the side of caution. i think looking at the time of day, in most of these countries, the workday is already over. so the state department will have to make a decision now this afternoon, this evening, as to whether they'll keep them closed tomorrow or not, which countries. we'll see. >> ambassador, thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you.
10:04 am
>> if they can't defund it, republicans will go after the agency with the power to enforce obamacare, the irs. on friday the house passed a bill preventing the irs from enforcing or carrying out any part of the healthcare law. the move came days after the acting chief of the irs said he wants to keep his current healthcare plan rather than transition to an obamacare option. steve moore of the "wall street journal" joins us now to take a look at the back and forth. steve, welcome. good to have you here. >> hi, shannon. >> this bill that the house voted on in -- on friday regarding the irs, i mean is it just symbolic at this point? does the gop risk a backlash of continuing, along with this, to pass its 40th effort to repeal obamacare when they know it will never get past the senate, and certainly not the white house? >> shannon, let's back up a minute and go to the important point that you made a few minutes ago, which is that in fact the irs employees are now even saying they don't want to be part of obamacare. remember, that is -- comes on the heels of the teamsters, other major unions in the last
10:05 am
10 days or so saying they don't want part of obamacare. that changes, i think, the political landscape of this law a lot. remember, shannon, it was the unions back four years ago that were the major cheerleaders for obamacare. probably wouldn't have happened without them. i think that's the new development, is that unions are starting to say, this plan isn't for us. now, you're right, the republicans have already held dozens of votes on repealing obamacare. i think they've made that message pretty clear. clearly it's not going to be repealed this year. but there will be an effort to defund key parts of it. the irs is a key agency involved in the enforcement of that new law. >> you make interest points there, that we've had a number of unions step up, taking out full-page newspaper ads, sent letters to democratic leaders on the hill apparently, and also tried to push this with the president. they're worried about things like the disappearance of a 40-hour workweek, you'll lose the benefits you're on, but it's so interesting to see that the union that represents irs employees has actually
10:06 am
encouraged them to reach out to their members and say, in its current form, we don't want this. the acting head is saying, no thank you, i want to keep what i want. the optics not good for the administration as polls continue to show that the number of people who don't want obamacare, think there are problems with it, is growing. >> yeah. don't forget that the irs is the key agency in implementing this new law. they're the ones who have to keep track of who has, you know, complied with the insurance requirements, who hasn't, what the income is of the various people who would be covered by this law. so if the irs employees don't want to be part of this law, it really calls into question, whether this is popular. let's face it, now you have a lot of major unions that don't want the law. the business community is almost entirely against it. young people aren't excited about it. seniors aren't. you're seeing the wheels fall off of this jalopy very quickly. i think political support is falling much more quickly than even i had thought it would. >> how do you think it will play
10:07 am
on their way out of town for the august recess congress was able to work with the administration to get this fix they needed for congressional staffers in limbo? >> yeah. >> people feel like, oh, thanks a lot, you fixed it for congressional staffers on the way out the door, and the rest of us are stuck. >> you're right, shannon. i can't tell you how many people we're hearing from saying this is an outrage. you mean they're exempting themselves, members of congress and their staff from the obamacare law, but the rest of us have to comply with it. this gets americans thinking we have a kind of ruling class in america in washington that doesn't comply with the laws that it imposes on the rest of us. i think that's a big political problem for a lot of these legislators as they go home for their august recess and go to town hall meetings. i wouldn't be surprised if thinks the first question that's brought up in a lot of those meetings, why are you exempting yourself from the law and the rest of us have to comply with it? >> yeah. it was the result of something
10:08 am
chuck grassley, a republican, wanted to include. it makes sure that the federal government can still contribute these amounts that staffers in the thousands of dollars would have to pay otherwise. we'll see if they hear about it at the town halls. >> i'm predicting they will. >> steve, thank you very much. good to see you. >> thank you, shannon. >> we love hearing from you at home. today we're asking you which side are you on. should you tie government funding to defunding obamacare or do not link the two? it could lead to a government shutdown. chris writes, keep them together. last chance to slow down this disaster. will disagrees saying the two should not be linked. we want to hear from you. keep your tweets coming and tell us why. we'll read more later on in the show. police in california have arrested a man they believe is responsible for a deadly day at one of the west coast's most popular boardwalks. one person was killed, 11 more injured. we're live at venice beach with
10:09 am
the latest. hello, dominic. >> hi there. around 6:00 yesterday evening, the boardwalk behind me was full of tourists and visitors. police say that a man driving a blue dodge avenger burst out from the street just behind me and started plowing through the crowd. according to witnesses, aiming for as many people as they possibly could. witnesses say the scene was horrific. >> i just see this car driving through like there's a girl latched on to the hood of the car, and he's swerving. he knocks the girl off the car. and then he's just like running into crowds of hundreds of people, going out of his way to hit people. >> police have named that driver as nathan campbell, 38 years old. they haven't said where he's from. he's currently been arrested, being held in jail on a $1 million bail, expected to appear in court possibly tomorrow is what we understand from the police. but a terrible scene here
10:10 am
really. the victim, one of the victims, the lady who died, has been named as a visitor from italy. she was 32 years old. apparently she was on her honeymoon, according to the city news service that we are seeing reported there today. also we understand that there was an asian sunglasses vendor here on the street also seriously injured. vendors telling fox news that they intend to actually hold a memorial for those who were injured. they'll be laying down flowers they'll be raising, looking for donations to fund any of the healthcare expenses for the people down here who were injured. we'll perhaps see more details on that later on this afternoon. the police saying that the charge against campbell will most certainly be murder, and other charges to come. we'll have more details from the police later on in the day. we'll bring them to you here on fox. back to you. >> dominic, thank you very much.
10:11 am
>> i think he should probably get at least a suspension. i don't know about for life. i mean, they banned pete rose. that was for gambling, right? >> what he's done is disappointing. seeing him not play ever again would be kind of disappointing to the understand of his career. >> fans have mixed feelings about what major league baseball should do with yankee alex rodriguez. the associated press is reporting that major league baseball and yankees management are no longer willing to talk with rodriguez's representatives. reports say a-rod's punishment could range from a suspension lasting until the end of the 2014 season all the way up to a lifetime ban. more on that coming up later in the show. iran's new president was sworn in today, wasting no time making controversial comments about israel, though he's called a moderate. will the threats to be valley be the same? after the break, i sit down with best-selling author and middle east advisor joe rosenberg. ♪
10:12 am
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10:15 am
>> iranian president hassan rouhani, some have dubbed him a moderate leader, but do his own words suggest that the threat to israel is as concrete as ever? knocjoel loansberg is back from
10:16 am
several weeks in israel where he joins us now with insight. joel, good to have you today. >> thank you, shannon. >> what is the thinking about the new iranian president? >> there is the central belief in israel, certainly among prime minister netanyahu, that his advisers that rouhani is a wolf in sheep's clothing. rouhani is perceived widely in the white house, in the western media, as a moderate, but he's certainly not. he was part of the inner circle of the ayatollah hoe mainy, been a longtime member of the inner circle of the proceed-radical leader. his eldest son committed suicide a couple years.
10:17 am
he said in his suicide note, "i hate your government, your lies, your corruption, your religion, your double acts, and your hypocrisy. i hate that yothis from his own. he's a moderate. he has a new softer face, but still the same policies to hate israel, hate america, and build nuclear weapons. >> i would imagine, with israel back in peace talks with the palestinians, the key issue i would imagine for themes still the nuclear threat they face from iran. >> that's right. look, the united states is putting an awful a lot of attention on the israeli/palestinian peace talks which just got started, and that's important, very important. the palestinians and israelis deserve security, to live in freedom and justice, and inh ot. however one of the questions is, is the united states investing
10:18 am
too much time in that process where there's very few people who think that a deal with be struck in the next nine months, whereas the number one issue in the middle east is how close iran is to building nuclear weapons, and how close israel may be to launching a preemptive military strike, even the chairman of the joint chiefs general dempsey in the middle east today because of rumors that netanyahu is close to launching strikes. >> do you think that's the specific tie, that there's a u.s. worry that israel will launch a strike on iran? >> there is. the u.s. trying to assure israel that the u.s. will do anything necessary to stop iran from getting the bomb, but the obama administration is resisting congressional efforts to impose stronger sanctions on iran, which is sending, i think, the exact wrong message at the wrong time. >> all right. joel rosenberg, we appreciate --
10:19 am
>> weakening rather than strengthening. >> -- we appreciate your insights. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> coming up, a portion of a glacier collapses, trapping a young man beneath the ice. we'll update you on the efforts to rescue him. plus, we'll talk to chris wallace about the worldwide terror alert. >> the announcement may be to interrupt al-qaeda planning, to put them off stride, that we're alert, we're on to at least a portion of this plot line. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief.
10:20 am
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10:23 am
>> it is time now for a look at stories making headlines. officials gather at the white house this weekend to continue review the ongoing threat of a terrorist attack. national security advisor to president obama, susan rice, is reportedly leading the meeting. secretaries of state, defense, and homeland security were at the meeting yesterday along with directors of the fbi, nsa and
10:24 am
cia. 22 embassies and consulates in the middle east have been closed and a worldwide travel alert have been issued. a snowboarder is believed to be buried on mt. hood in oregon. the 25-year-old man was with companions when a large portion of the ice tunnel collapsed. the powerball jackpot is expected to get to $400 million. no winner emerged from last night's drawing. your next chance to win big is wednesday night. >> me metadata has no expectatin of privacy. the intelligence community felt this was the lightest touch possible to try to find who in america might be the enemy inside the gate. >> under this doctrine, they certainly can collect your content just as they can collect your metadata. metadata can tell you a host of
10:25 am
information about a person's life. >> that was former cia director general michael hayden and republican congressman justin amash. i sat down earlier with chris wallace to hear about his interviews. chris, a lot of attention today on the worldwide terror travel alert. also the embassies that are closed down. it's sparking the conversation again, though, about intelligence, how we gather it, use it, and what the role of the nsa is. you talked about that this morning. >> we had a fascinating conversation with general michael hayden, the former head of the national security agency, i'm sure the agency that picked up these electronic interprets with the al-qaeda threat in yemen, and congressman justin amash who proposed a measure that would have put an end to
10:26 am
this phone information, about the phone calls that are made, and said just collect information on people under specific suspicion of involvement with terrorism. i'm not sure we changed minds. amash still thinks that edward snowden is just a whistleblower, not a traitor. general hayden said exactly the apart. it puts it in a real world focus. we're not talking about the abtract. we're talking about a terror threat that's out there. what do we do to combat it? >> the vote on the amendment, i mean it was extremely close. it would have made a huge difference in how we handle these things. >> well, absolutely. i mean, my guess is it wouldn't have passed through to the senate and the president certainly wouldn't have signed it, but it gives you an indication to the degree to which people's minds have changed since edward snowden. honestly i think he's a law breaker, but 55% of americans
10:27 am
think he's a whistleblower. you're seeing this growing sense from supporters as well as opponents, a number of them went up and met with president obama this week at the white house, they'rthere's going to be changs made. there's talk of a special council to argue against the government whenever the government calls for new data collection, about holding the records for a shorter amount of time, disclosing how many warrants the government seeks. definitely changes made, we just hope it doesn't end up impairing our ability to fight the bad guys. >> your power player, brainy and beautiful, folks have to turn in. >> it's not you, but it's still -- >> no, not even close. thank you, chris. good to see you. >> you can catch the entire interview with general michael hayden and congressman justin amash as well as chris' one-on-one with house majority
10:28 am
leader eric cantor on "fox news sunday." congressman trey radle joins us live. congressman, thank you for your time today. >> it's great to be with you. >> based on what you know, what you can share, how credible and detailed is this particular threat? >> in terms of what we can share of some of the classified information, that it was so detailed that august 4th is a date that kept coming up. we know that it is placed regionally, most specifically out of yemen. let's take a look at what's happened in the greater region in that time. we've had several prison breaks in pakistan, libya, and iraq, where you have some kind of common people who committed crimes, who were locked up, but also al-qaeda militants. we're looking into the hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, who have been released out of these prisons. that in itself i think lends to this credible threat. i think the united states made
10:29 am
the right decision by closing all of the embassies in the region. the united kingdom did as well, specifically in yemen. >> there's also a worldwide travel alert. we know that's something the state department does not like to do. how worried should the average american be? what steps should they take if they have plans to travel abroad? >> look, i've traveled -- i've either worked in, lived in, or traveled to about 50 countries around the world well before i was a congressman. and anywhere you go, you always need to be alert. i don't care whether you're in the city of chicago, miami, or in yemen, or somewhere else in the middle east. you always need to be aware. i think that the state department just wants to do this to kind of remind americans, or westerners even in general, that you should just be cautious, be alert. you may want to think about some of the precautions that you take about going to dangerous parts of the world. >> how much do you think that our current foreign policy has led us to where we are today
10:30 am
with these closures and clearly growing sentiment in a number of regions that is very much anti-u.s.? >> well, shannon, this is where i take a little bit of fault with both republicans and democrats in general over the past few generations. i believe in a few things. i think that currently speaking president obama's foreign policy is misguided, it is cloudy. i really don't know what the end goal is in today in iraq, afghanistan. however, i think that he's had specific when it comes to drone strikes. here we are right now with specifically syria, where the president is talking about arming rebels. together our house, we passed an attempt, my attempt, the radel amendment, to make sure we don't put boots on the ground from specific affirmation from the people's house. if the president is going to send our kids to war, he needs to come through congress. take a look at what democrats and republicans have done in the
10:31 am
past. there's one thing that i firmly believe in, which is we cannot be the police of the world. that would circle right back to the country of syria. >> congressman, we appreciate your time on this topic. we understand, you're going to stick around for something special folks will want to hear about at the end of our show. >> i am. >> so stand by. >> i will. i look forward to that. we'll have fun in that segment, too, i understand. >> we will. our twitter followers will love it as well. congressman, see you in just a few minutes. >> thank you. >> another planned parenthood is under scrutiny, and this time it's not just about abortion. workers say patients are in grave danger. >> these three former employees at the planned parenthood abortion clinic in wilmington, delaware, are not convinced that conditions there have the goen better since the state inspected it in april. one of them compared it to the philadelphia abortion clinic run by dr. kermit gosnell now in prison for killing babies who survived organizations.
10:32 am
>> the similarity between the case of dr. gosnell and planned parenthood of delaware is that they both operated extremely hazardous abortion clinics, and that their respective states refused to close despite the repeated warnings. >> the former employees, who say they are pro-choice, recount stories of rushed unsanitary abortions, unsterile equipment, poorly trained staff, and patients who were never told that they had tested positive for sexually-transmitted diseases. >> i would urge anyone who had a std test at planned parenthood of delaware to seek an outside physician. if she is positive, i would urge her to seek justice. >> but planned parenthood says the former employees are being pushed by pro-life groups to criticize the clinic, and to repeat, quote, concerns that have been thoroughly addressed by oversight agencies, including the delaware department of health or are incorrect."
10:33 am
pro-life advocates contend these types of problems persist at abortion clinics nationwide. >> in state after state, it's poor women, uneducated women, women on the shadows of society that are getting the least care. >> this is the same delaware clinic that made headlines earlier this year when five women were rushed to the hospital after botched abortions. the delaware department of health says it last visited this clinic in june, and that, quote, corrective actions were in place regarding complaints about procedures and staff. it also says it has no evidence women with positive std tests were not notified or treated. in washington, molly hennenberg, fox news. >> this was meant to be a day of fun for spectat spectators, thee to watch the demolition of an old power plant in california.
10:34 am
one man lost his leg, others were injured when shre shrapnelw into a crowd. they were standing behind a perimeter for safety. there will be an investigation. the driver of an 18-wheeler was killed in texas when his truck ran off an overpass and burst into flames. police aren't sure what caused the driver to leave the roadway. nobody else was injured in that accident. alex rodriguez, the yankee facing a potential lifetime ban from major league says don't count him out. the latest on the negotiations and whether they've broken down for good. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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10:38 am
>> check it out. a man accused of trying to break into kid rock's detroit area
10:39 am
home is in jail today. a surveillance camera caught images of the man ramming his van into a gate, trying to get in the house. check it out. what is he doing? all right. well, the suspect will be arraigned on monday. kid rock offered a $5,000 reward to anyone who has leads on the perpetrator. major league baseball is posed to levy strict penalties on more than a dozen big league stars and fan favorites. the punishments tie to performance-enhancing drugs, perhaps most notably yankees third baseman alex rodriguez is reportedly hoping to avoid a lifetime ban that could come tomorrow. jeff foster is following the latest on the negotiations and joins us live. jeff, thanks for your time today. >> no problem. >> what is the latest? have negotiations broken down? >> negotiations are still going on, going until 6:00 p.m. today, but it's looking more and more
10:40 am
the sides are far important. looks like a 214-game suspension, so that's this season and all of next season. he can appeal that, but right now it doesn't look like they have a deal, so he'll be suspended tomorrow. >> what are the implications of things he's had to say recently? he said there's more than one party from me ever stepping back on the field, it's not my teammates, not the yankee fans, suggesting that major league baseball and the yankees are colluding to keep from paying him millions of dollars. is that going to help him at all? >> no, that will help him at all. he's suggesting that the yankees are benefiting from this as well. and they are. it's not a good contract. he's not a great player right now, even when he's not suspended, and they owe him close to $100 million, and they don't want to pay him. the yankees are trying to cut down their payroll. having his payroll off the books is great for them.
10:41 am
he's suggesting they're colluding. that's probably not happening. that's not really true. obviously he's seen that there's more than one side that's getting benefits from him being suspended. >> all right. so what kind. evidence do they allegedly have against him? it sounds like they've put together what major league baseball believes is a tough case for him. >> right, right. they have a connection with him and anthony bosch who ran biogenesis in florida. we haven't seen the evidence, but there's talk that they have him tampering with the investigation, recruiting more players to go to biogenesis, witness tampering. we're not really sure, but it's not just the connection with the peds. there's obviously more there. >> who else is in trouble here? >> jhonny peralta, a shortstop for the tigers. nelson cruz, an outfield everybody for the texas rangers. those are good players on contending teams. there's some other guys. obviously the big one was ryan
10:42 am
braun, an mvp in 2011. these already taken a suspension, 65 games. it's not -- that doesn't affect the season that much. the brewers aren't very good. but he's gone. he was probably the biggest name besides rodriguez. >> how do you think the game will change as players truly feel if they're messing with something, even on the edges of something questionable, they may be singled out and it may cost them big time? >> i think the attitude is shifting a little bit in baseball. i don't think the players want the peds in the game. they don't want it at all. i mean, there was a point if you didn't use peds you couldn't compete, you were losing your job to another guy. it's obviously not that spread anymore, not that big of an epidemic. i think most of the players are on board. they don't want this in here. they want these guys to be suspended. eventually baseball is moving in the right direction. it's probably a good sign. >> it's such a pure american pastime that we've enjoyed for decades, for generations. >> right. >> you know, i think all of us want to see it survive and move forward. >> i know. it's been too long we've been talking about steroids.
10:43 am
there's so many other great stories in baseball we should be talking about, and this has always been the center of the conversation. a lot of us, including the commissioner, want to get over it. >> i'm going to keep cheering for my nats. not a fairweather friend. jeff, thank you very much. >> they're right there with the mets. >> jeff, thanks. the trial for the army major accused of going on a shooting rampage, a deadly one at fort hood is finally going to begin. and find out if your hometown made the cut. [announcer] there's no hiding the goodness of the latest from beneful baked delights. new heartfuls are made with real bacon...
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10:47 am
>> new information coming in regarding the global security threat. the u.s. has already closed 22 embassies and consulates in the middle east and across the region because of a threat from al-qaeda. fox news is learning now there are specific fears regarding surgically-implanted devices set off by homicide bombers. the administration is taking precautions because it is, quote, determined to make sure this is not a repeat of benghazi. stay with fox news for all of the latest news as it comes in. a happy birthday today to the u.s. coast guard created in 1790, it is celebrating its 223rd birthday today.
10:48 am
thank you too your service. fema is sending aid to west texas after a massive explosion flattened a portion of the town, killing at least 15 people and injuring more than 150 others. this is a reversal from an earlier decision by the obama administration. that story is one of our most clicked stories. peter ducey is tracking them all. peter? >> the mayor of west says president obama is finally, quote, beside the town. back in june, fema had denied the town's disaster declaration request. governor rick perry appealed the decision and won. west had asked for $60 million. they need $3 million almostfield. that blast killed 15 people, destroyed schools, and a nursing home. here's another story you're reading on line, about how spain's famed running of the bulls is making its way stateside. virginia residents will be the first ones to have a chance to be gored by a bull. other u.s. cities will hold their own events.
10:49 am
for more information on the safety guidelines in the u.s., log on to and a bittersweet story about a 2-year-old who served as the best man at his parents' wedding. logan stevenson was born with a rare genetic disorder that can lead to cancer. when he was given a terminal diagnosis, his parents moved up their 2014 nuptials so their son could be there. >> oh, it means the world to me. we're altogether and celebrating. it's my heart and soul to be here and do this my family today. >> family and organizers organized the backyard wedding for the stevensons. for-mile-an-hour of our top stories online, log on to shannon? >> peter, thank you. the trial of the man accused of killing 13 people and wounding 30 others during a rampage at fort hood, texas, will begin early this week.
10:50 am
major nidal hassan is representing himself, facing the death penalty. we have a look at the complex case. brian? >> after 4 1/2 years, the military trial for major nidal hassan will start tuesday. he's facing the death penalty. he's charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder. the former army psychiatrist does not deny he opened fire with two handguns on hundreds of soldiers awaiting health checkups before their deployments to afghanistan on november 5th, 2009, killing 13 and wounding more than 30. he says he committed one of the worst mass shootings in american history in defense of taliban terrorists. yet the obama administration characterizes the attack as workplace violence, not an act of terrorism, arguing it would jeopardize hassan's right to a fair trial. as a result, victims of the rampage sued the government last year, because they cannot be awarded purple hearts and the federal benefits that come with them. nor can they receive combatant
10:51 am
status benefits given to those who are killed or wounded in combat. staff sergeant sean manning was shot six times at fort hood. >> the government has tried to deny this is an act of terrorism. i hope if people hear the words from hassan's own mouth that they'll understand that this was an act of terrorism. >> some national security experts believe not calling it an act of terrorism is an example of political correctness. >> i think it's politically motivated. i think they don't want to admit that there's still a global jihadist movement able to hit the united states right here in america. >> a jury of 13 officers from around the u.s. will have to unanimousy convict hassan. murder and sentence him to death. 11 of the last 16 death sentences handed down by military juries in the last 30 years have been overturned. even if he's convicted, there are likely years, if not decades, of appeals ahead.
10:52 am
shannon? >> yes, there are. finally getting started. brian, thank you. today's young people often get a bad rap for being reason. not this kid. after the break, we'll introduce you to a young kid who's a successful entrepreneur at the age of just 11. makes me feel lazy. all right, yes, some republicans like rap. or even love it. one congressman is using twitter to critique some of the newest stuff out there. congressman trey radel is joining for us a rap review next. hey linda! what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'.
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10:54 am
what's in your wallet?
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10:56 am
>> well, i really was a young dapper man, and i couldn't find any other bow ties that i really liked. my grandma, my lovely grandma, has been sewing for over 80 years, something crazy like that. so i want to start my own busy making bow ties. >> how much do you love him? he's so cute. with an unemployment rate of 7.4%, this 11-year-old is defying the odds. mo took the first steps in following his dream by becoming a designers by starting mo's bows when he was 9. the fabric is hand selected and sewn by mo himself. not only does he make the bow ties for style, but uses the troughs to send kids to camp. his summer camp scholarship fund is for a way him to use entrepreneurial efforts to help out his community. good for you, mo. we're more than a little
10:57 am
benedicbeen addicted to twitter. we love our interactions with you. one florida congressman is using twitter not only for politics, but his opinion on rap. he made a review of jay-z's latest album "magga carta: holy grail." you're having fun with twitter, because you love rap. is it important for people to see different sides to their lawmakers? >> yeah. i mean, believe it or not, i'm not a robot, even though i'm a congressman, a republican congressman, talking about hip-hop. to be clear, i'm identify with jay-z, but hip-hop in the late
10:58 am
'80s/early '90s, exposed america to what was going on culturally or specifically with the crack epidemic a warfare asa young common coming up in the suburbs of cincinnati, ohio. i hope to take my love of that, keep an open mind when approaching anything, and use a commonality, most especially in music, to bridge gaps, with members of congress, republicans and democrats. what i really like doing with social media, to go to your question, is taking somewhere, where i can find people who play have a totally different philosophy or view, find a commonality like music and later share a conservative message, with whether it's kids out of south central los angeles or the south side of chicago that have never heard a message of liberty or conservism in their life. >> we find the tweets entertaining.
10:59 am
i'm pretty old school with that stuff. congressman, thank you for staying for a two-fer with us, for the entertaining tweets. >> i'll go old-school any day. we'll talk about that another day. thank you so much for the shutout on twitter too. >> we've been asking you, our viewers, not about jay-z, but obamacare. which side are you on? the government trying to tying funding to defunding obama. thomas defund obamacare, don't delink the two fights. jeffrey says i think it's the republicans' last chance, unfortunately slim to none. bill says obamacare must be defunded. if that means shutting down the government, we must do it. bill and all the others, thank you so much for sharing. we love to hear your tweets every week. if you want to tweets us about rap, anything else, welling would look for it. that's for it for us in washington. "fox news sunday" is up next.
11:00 am
jacqueline sutherlin, our intern, it's her last day. she's heading back to wake forest. i'm shannon bream. thanks for watching fox, where we remain proud and fearless. >> i'm chris wallace. the u.s. government closes up shop across the muslim world. responding to intelligence of an al-qaeda threat, the state department shuts embassies and consulates in the mideast and north africa and issues an extraordinary worldwide travel alert to americans. plus new questions about relations with russia after moscow grants asylum to edward snowden. >> rush has stabbed us in the back, and each day that snowden is allowed to roam free is another twist for the night. >> now the white house is rethinking whether the president should meet with russian pr